Callie Parslow – Kindergarten


Hello! My name is Callie Parslow and I am the kindergarten teacher at Leeds Public School. I graduated from Leeds Public School in 2008. I went on to receive my degree in Elementary Education from Mayville State University. I graduated from there in December 0f 2012. I was hired on as a long term sub in Minnewaukan School. I then got a job here, at Leeds Public School in August 2013. I have taught kindergarten at Leeds for 11 years. My husband, daughter, Averi, and son, Gunner, live in Leeds. I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, gardening, and baking.

Contact Information:

School phone: (701) 466-2461


My cell phone number is available upon request. I just ask that you are considerate of my family time. You can contact me on my cell phone from 7:30AM-5:00PM.

2023-2024 School Year

Welcome Back to School!

Back to School Letter <–Click Here

Kindergarten Supply List

**Please label all supplies with your child’s name
1. Glue sticks
*Please bring a minimum of 4. We go through quite a few of these.
2. Crayons
3. Markers
*Please label each marker. This helps keep track of lost markers
4. Pack of pencils (Ticonderoga brand is preferred)
5. Soft pink eraser
6. Scissors
7. Plastic folder
*This will be used as their take home folder
8. Gym Shoes (slip on or velcro)
9. Water Bottle
10. Mat or blanket for rest time

*A pillow is optional- Rest time will only be for the first half of the school year. Their mats and/or blankets will be sent home before Christmas vacation.
11. Pair of over the ear headphones
12. Pencil Box

Kindergarten Supply List

Accelerated Reader Website Link  <—Click here


When can I contact my child’s teacher?

My hours at school are from 8:00am-4:00pm. My email address is You can call the school at any time of the day and ask to reach me. The office will make sure you speak to me. If I do not answer my phone, as I may be out of the room, please leave a message to my voicemail. If you call after 2:00pm and need to get me a message before the school day is over, you may want to speak with Teri in the office and have her deliver the message as I may not have time to check my messages after 2:00pm some days.

What time is best for me to come and visit with the teacher?

It is best to contact me ahead of time so we can set up a private, non-interrupted time to visit about your questions or concerns. Generally, right before or right after school works best as I have few breaks during the school day.

What should I do if I know ahead of time that my child will be gone from school?

If you know ahead of time that your child will be missing school, please let me know so I can get their work to them and they can get it done before they will be gone instead of having to play “catch up” when they return. You can let me know via email, phone call, or you can use the messaging option on our class app, SeeSaw.

What if my child is sick?

I usually send any work home with a sibling if they are in school. That way your child can work on their assignments when they feel better and bring them back to school when they return so they don’t fall behind.

My child has been losing things at school. What should I do?

It is a good idea to get into the habit of labeling your child’s things with their name as we have many items that are lost/found that no one claims. If your child has lost something, there is a lost and found box in the elementary wing. You may check that box at any time. If you can’t make it in to check, please let me know and I will check the box for you.

Can I send snacks to school?

Yes! We have a snack time every day from 2:20-2:35. At this time your child may have chocolate or white milk. Please make sure to purchase a milk ticket. It is $7/month, $30/half year, and $60/year. Students can also bring a healthy snack from home to eat at this time.

What is the SeeSaw app?

Seesaw is our classroom app that we use throughout the year. It is a great tool used for communication between teacher and parents. I put pictures of the students in my classroom on this app for parents and family members to view. I will also put information about upcoming events, changes in schedule, videos of students work, etc. At the beginning of the year, I send out an invitation with a QR code for parents and/or family members to get connected to their child’s personal page in the app. You can have up to 10 family members connected to your child’s personal page.

Educational Sites

These educational sites offer extra practice on mastering your child’s educational skills. These can be done at home on a tablet and/or computer if your child would like to utilize them.


IXL is a site that we use for both reading and math. You can download the app on your electronic device or simply visit  Below is a list of username and passwords. Once they are logged in, you can pick what skills you want them working on. I assign skills to them also. Any skill that has a star by it or highlighted in yellow is a skill I assigned.

IXL Logins and Passwords


Lexia is a site we use for reading and language arts. You can download the “Lexia Core5 Reading” app on your tablet or simply go to You will be asked to put in the teachers email which is You will then be asked to put in your child’s username and password. Below is a list of usernames and passwords.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader or AR is a program that we use to test comprehension after reading a book. Students earn points for each quiz they take. A goal is set for them each month. If they meet their goal, they get to attend the AR celebration at the end of the month. After your child reads a book or has a book read to them and they seem to understand it fully, they may take a quiz. The only thing I ask is that they answer the questions on their own so we really can see if they are fully comprehending the stories.

Simply go to . Login in as a student. Students logins are their first name as their “username” and their passwords are their initials. For example, if I was logging in it would be “callie” as the username and “cp” as the password.

Once you get logged in, click on “take a quiz”. Type in the title of the book that was read and search. Once you find your book, click take quiz. Then you can select how your student read it where it was read to them, read it to someone, or read it by themselves. You can choose to have the program read the questions to them by selecting the voice to be “on” or leave it off and read it to them yourself.