School Closures

The decision to have or not have school due to inclement weather will be based on the safety of the students attending the Leeds district school and on the best information available at the time the decision must be made. Parents may choose to pick up their child at school or not to send them to school anytime they feel that the weather is a threat to their child’s safety.

In deciding whether children will be safe, the district looks at the following factors:

  • Visibility and current/expected wind conditions
  • Road conditions (current, anticipated, and the status of city and county road crews) for buses, families and district staff that need to be on the roads
  • The time precipitation starts and the current/expected amount
  • Expected duration of the storm
  • Alert level from National Weather Service
  • Temperature and wind-chill

All storm announcements relating to Leeds Public Schools will be reported to local radio and television stations, communicated to parents and guardians by the our automated messaging system (phone and/or email), and be posted to the school district’s website

Leeds Public School may opt to have Virtual Learning if pre-planning can be accomplished.

School Safety

When you send your children or grandchildren to school you expect them to be in a safe and secure environment.  Leeds Public School is committed to efficiently using resources to alleviate any hazard in facilities, transportation and school grounds.  Improving staff and student safety requires teamwork and collaboration with our parents and community members. If you have a concern regarding student safety please contact the school office at 701-466-2461.

Health & Safety Plan

Student/Parent Handbook