Matthew Swanson – Math

Welcome to Mr. Swanson’s Mathematics Classes


Mr. Swanson

Originally from Carrington, I continued my education at VCSU, majoring in Elementary Education.  I started my teaching career in Leeds, where I taught 5th grade.  I’ve also taught combined 4th and 5thgrade, as well as just 4th grade.  My favorite subject to teach has always been Math.  I am in my fourth year of teaching in high school and am very excited for this school year.


o  Abide by all Leeds Public School Rules and Policies

o   No cell phones in class (must be OFF)

o   Be respectful of people and use equipment properly

o   Follow directions

o   Stay in assigned area

o   No fighting

o   No swearing, offensive language, or inappropriate language

o   No dangerous objects

o   Hallway passes will be used

Mr. Swanson’s Rules

o   No food in class (exception of school provided breakfast for period 1)

o   No drinks other than water (in a clear bottle)

o   Assignments must be complete by the start of class

o   No disruptive behavior

o   Be on time

o   Bring required materials

o   See class syllabi for more information


Algebra 2, 7th Grade Mathematics, Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1


3 Subject notebook for homework practice


3 ring binder for notes (folder may work)

The math department has plenty of protractors, rulers, and compasses to use throughout the year. If you use one and it breaks, please let us know and please replace the tool.

The math department has a limited supply of calculators and graphing calculators that can be checked out. It is encouraged that you supply your own calculator.

Calculator List Document