Matthew Swanson

Welcome to Mr. Swanson’s Mathematics Classes


Mr. Swanson

Originally from Carrington, I continued my education at VCSU, majoring in Elementary Education.  I started my teaching career in Leeds, where I taught 5th grade.  I’ve also taught combined 4th and 5thgrade, as well as just 4th grade.  My favorite subject to teach has always been Math.  I am in my third year of teaching in high school and am very excited for this school year.


o  Abide by all Leeds Public School Rules and Policies

o   No cell phones in class (must be OFF)

o   Be respectful of people and use equipment properly

o   Follow directions

o   Stay in assigned area

o   No fighting

o   No swearing, offensive language, or inappropriate language

o   No dangerous objects

o   Hallway passes will be used

Mr. Swanson’s Rules

o   No food in class (exception of school provided breakfast for period 1)

o   No drinks other than water (in a clear bottle)

o   Assignments must be complete by the start of class

o   No disruptive behavior

o   Be on time

o   Bring required materials

o   See class syllabi for more information


Algebra 2, 7th Grade Mathematics, Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1