Superintendent News

Parents and patrons of Leeds Public School,

Thank you for your continued support of our school! We have a wonderful school here in Leeds and a staff that is truly committed to providing a well-rounded and quality education for our students.

**Student Transportation**

We are facing a problem finding qualified drivers to transport our students on our bus routes and for school activities. The State requires us to find adults that have a passenger bus CDL license or are willing to get qualified to drive. The school can assist anyone interested in acquiring this license.

We have advertised for bus drivers for quite some time and haven’t received any interest. We are at a critical point where if we don’t find interested drivers, we will no longer be able to provide bus transportation for our students.

If you or someone you know would be interested in getting qualified to drive bus (routes), please contact the school and we can help you get set up. I know that driving a bus route is a big commitment. We can work with you if you have conflicts. If there are certain times of the year that don’t work for you (harvest, seeding), we can cover for you.

Again, this is a critical time for our school and we need people to step up and help!

Robert Thom- Superintendent